We have on file testimonials that we have obtained for new customers from businesses and clients that we   currently do business with in the TRNC.
  If you would like to view these we are more than happy to send you copies.
  If you would prefer to contact any of our customers directly we can also arrange this, we will simply send your   E-mail address or phone number to a client and ask them to contact you directly with an honest opinion of the   services we provide.

  If there is a specific service you would like a testimonial on please specify i.e. pool cleaning so we can pick a   customer that has that particular service provided by NCPM.

  A general compliment was paid to us by the customer below.

  Dear Mike
  First of all, can I record our thanks and sincere appreciation for the time, effort and advice you have given to   us since our arrival in the TRNC in October - throughout that time you have impressed us with your   professionalism, knowledge and good humour.
  Your customer service is probably the best I have received and is undoubtedly a real strength of your   company.
  Your willingness to listen, to offer suggestions but not push your own ideas - often in the face of our clear   stupidity - has been really noticeable.
  We are both really pleased with the projects you have undertaken on our behalf and we both feel we have   really made progress in getting the house into a position that allows us to feel at home in a new place.
  Great job!
  Geoff Turner
  [E-Mail address supplied]