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Pool Repairs & Leak Detection

The swimming pool is the heart of any villa in Northern Cyprus and more often than not is the area we spend the most time around in the summer.
At NCPM we have renovated and re-designed many pool terraces to suit all budgets and tastes.


Not surprisingly in North Cyprus we have found a lot of pool terraces and patios have subsided and started to break up after only a few years.
This is normally down to the initial construction of the pool terrace and the company doing the work.
Here are photos of some of the terraces we have been called out to repair and how not to construct a pool terrace.

How to build or repair a terrace properly
Here is a terrace we were called to repair, it had subsided quite badly.
We removed the paving slabs only to find that they were sitting on normal sand.
Once we dug up the sand which was about 12 inches deep we found soil and rubble underneath,
needless to say this was the reason the terrace had subsided.


The first step was to dig out the sand and rubble so that an aggregate base could be installed and compacted.
Compacting the area that will be tiled/paved is one of the most important steps and one which is often not done by many contractors.

In many cases a contractor will fill the area around the pool with rubble and rubbish that has been created by building the house in the first place.
Air pockets then develop and settle over time which is the reason why terraces fail and cracks start appearing and some areas start sinking.
Compaction is one of the most important stages of the terrace and should never be overlooked.

Once we have finished compacting the base the next stage is to install and fix the metal rebar grid system ready for the concrete pour.
This is also an important and costly stage often missed by builders due to the cost of metal and ready mixed concrete.

Prior to pouring the concrete we would moisten the base and metal work to allow for optimum adhesion of the concrete.
The concrete should be poured all in one go to allow it to set all at the same time as this will strengthen the base.

Once the concrete stage has been done we can move on to laying the paving slabs directly onto the concrete.
Normally builders here in Northern Cyprus will fill the area with sand and not use concrete and lay the slabs on this, that's the reason why 95% of terraces collapse and fail.
Cutting corners with terraces is NEVER a good idea, if it's done properly it will last for years.

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