Pool Maintenance

  For those who have a private swimming pool, cleaning and maintaining it is essential.
  A pool that is not regularly serviced and chemically treated can quickly lead to the growth of algae and bacteria,
  which can cause infections.
  All pools are individually priced on a yearly basis and include all chemicals.
  The pool contract consists of your swimming pool being cleaned twice weekly from May to November,
  then weekly from December to April

  Each visit will include, as required:
  spot  Empty skimmers
  spot  Remove debris from surface
  spot  Vacuum
  spot  Test and treat water
  spot  Empty pump filter basket

  spot  8M   x 4M - £65 Per Month
  spot  10M x 5M - £70 Per Month
  spot  12M x 6M - £80 Per Month
  spot  14M x 6M - £90 Per Month

  Please contact us for a free quote

  We also offer per month Pool Cleaning services.
  You do not need to sign up for a year. If you are not here for a few months we can take care of your pool   for you until you return. The water will be left sparkling for enjoyable and safe swimming on your return.
  Cleaning will usually be done within an hour and if chemicals need to be added the pool will be ready within
  2 hours, causing the minimum of inconvenience to either yourselves or your guests.