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Who doesn't love Before and After pictures?
Large or small we do them all.

A pool terrace we did in Catalkoy.


We raised the base of the pool and made it one level.                                        Reinstating a pool.


A little TLC was needed here plus a new terrace and tiles.


Building a BBQ.                                                                                                         Re-tiling a balcony.


Badly cracked walls we repaired on a villa in Bellapais.


Badly subsided terrace in Cornaro beach, Catalkoy.


Raising the level of a pool because pipework leaking, new pipework laid on base and then hole drilled into pump room.


Same job different pool, raising the level of a pool because pipework leaking.


Installing an underground water tank.


Valve replacement in a Pool Pump room.                 Pool light replacement.                    Immersion Heater Replacement.


Pool Pump change.                                                                                       House Water Pump change.