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  Don’t get eaten alive by mosquitos in North Cyprus, get your fly screens fitted in time for the summer season.
  Mosquitoes are the most deadly animal known to mankind, they are responsible for the sickness and death of millions of people each year
  so don’t take a chance get NCPM to install your fly screens.
  The majority of fly screens we supply and install in North Cyprus are the sliding type and these are very easy to use and maintain.

Here are some of the benefits of Fly Screens
  spot  Will allow natural ventilation through open windows while keeping various air-borne insects out, especially at night when they are       attracted to the lights.
  spot  Can keep leaves and other large airborne debris from coming in via open windows.
  spot  Will lower your energy bills with natural air-flow, rather than artificial cooling.
  spot  Is relatively simple and cheap to make, repair and replace as necessary.
  spot  Will not obstruct the view through the glass
  spot  In most, but not all, cases, is straight forward to remove from the window for cleaning the glass.
  spot  Colour matched frames are pleasing to the eye.

5 reasons to buy your fly screens from NCPM.
  spot  Professional high grade products used
  spot  Professional installation by British Tradesman
  spot  Excellent customer service
  spot  Discounts on whole house orders
  spot  We are a trusted and established company with our office based in Catalkoy.
If you would like a quote for fly screens or if you have any questions please click on 'Contact Us' to Email us
Or call us on (0090) 533 876 1331