Some Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we get to North Cyprus?

You can either fly into Larnaca with all the main carriers: BA, Cyprus Airways, Monarch, Thompson etc.
Or you can fly into Ercan (Lefkosa - N,Cyprus) with Turkish airlines or Pegasus from the UK via Turkey.
Flying into Ercan (Lefkosa - N,Cyprus) with Pegasus can be half the cost of flying into Larnaca.
Do not use booking agents go direct to the airline. Pegasus fly out of Stansted.

How long is the flight?

If you are flying into Larnaca (South Cyprus), then the flight takes around four and a half hours from the UK.
If you are flying into Ercan (Lefkosa - N,Cyprus) there will be a short stop over in Turkey, you remain on the aircraft during this time.
The overall flight time to Ercan (Lefkosa - N,Cyprus), including the stop over is around six hours.

How do we get to the Villa from the airport?

We can arrange for you and your party to be picked up at the Airport and taken to the Villa.

How easy is it to hire a car?

Very easy, if you let us know that you want to hire a car we will do it for you at no extra cost,
all we do is make a 2 minute phone call then you pay them (in Pounds Sterling) when you collect the car,
the cost per day will obviously depend on the type of car you hire,
in the high season between May & October they start at approx £18-£24 a day for a small 4 seater.
The Hire cost includes full Insurance, A UK or International driving licence is required.

What side of the road do they drive on in North Cyprus?

They drive on the left hand side of the road both in the North and the South
driving in Cyprus is just like driving in the UK.

How do I pick up the Key for the Villa?

In most cases the Key will be in a Key Safe at the entrance to the Villa
you will either be given the Safe Code when you make your booking
or other arrangements will be made for you to get the key.

What Currency do they use in North Cyprus?

Turkish Lira, the exchange rate varies between 3.00 & 3.50 to the Pound
you can check what it is today Here just type in 'Pounds to Lira'
It is said that if the currency has an exchange rate it can be used in North Cyprus.

Should I change money in the UK before I travel?

You can if you wish but there is no need, shops and resturaunts will take Sterling,
Dollars or Euros virtually everywhere in North Cyprus at a reasonable exchange rate.
In most cases you will get a better exchange rate in North Cyprus than in the UK.

What is the weather like?

The summertime in Northern Cyprus is a season of very hot weather. Temp & Rain Charts
The hottest months are July and August with a temperature range of 34°C to over 40°C.
In the interior of the island the temperature during the coldest months is between 7 and 15 degrees.
The coastal areas boast higher temperatures while the Kyrenia Mountain range has more rainfall and the temperatures are lower.
Winters are mild with some rain and only occasional quick-melting falls of snow on the mountain range.
Cyprus enjoys many hours of daily sunshine in all coastal areas, even in January there are generally five or six hours of sunshine a day.
It's a very rare day when you do not see the sun for at least part of it, no rain for six months is quite normal.

Are there any Golf courses?

The Korineum Golf & Country club is a short drive to the East on the coast road to Esentepe,
the road hugs the coast so the blue water and the sunshine makes it a lovely drive.
Buggies and clubs can be hired.

What language do people speak in North Cyprus?

The language is Turkish, however English is widely spoken in most restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

What is the electrical voltage?

250 volts, however most appliances today are duel voltage 240 and 110.

Restrictions on Duty free

Remember you will be outside of the ‘Euro zone’ – so duty free allowances do apply upon returning to the UK or other EU countries,
if you fly via Larnaca you will be flying home from the ‘Euro zone’ so ‘Euro zone’ rules will apply.
However... to get to Larnaca you will be crossing the border into the south and the Greek customs 'Might' search your cases.

Are there any Chemists Shops?

Yes lots, they are called 'Pharmacies', most chemists speak English and carry out other medical tasks apart from dispensing medicines.
Most standard drugs are readily available, some without prescription, if you ask they will even take your blood pressure.
Don’t be surprised if they ask similar questions a doctor would ask before issuing a drug.

How long does it take to get from the Airport to the villa?

That would depend on which Villa you have rented, from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia(Girne) is approx 45 mins and from Larnaca 1hr 30 mins
However, both Kyrenia and Nicosia have a rush hour like all large cities so relax you're on holiday.

Can we drink the water?

As with most Mediterranean destinations it is advisable to drink bottled rather than tap water.
You can buy large and small bottles of water from the local supermarkets or even have it delivered.
95% of our properties have large water-coolers. Unlike in the UK bottled water in North Cyprus costs pennies not pounds.
A small bottle of water in a shop or supermarket costs between 5 and 30 pence depending on which brand you choose.

Do you have a question? if you do then please ask it. (we could even add it to this FAQ's)
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to either
E-Mail Here or call (0090) 533 876 1331 - NB, Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of the UK