Housekeeping Services
  Pre arrival or post departure cleaning.
  We will clean your villa/apartment to the highest standard.
  If you chose to use our laundry service we can make up the beds with clean sheets and place clean towels in the bathrooms.

  spot  1 bed - £50.00
  spot  2 bed - £55.00
  spot  3 bed - £60.00
  spot  4 bed - £65.00
  spot  5 bed - £70.00

  Cleaning costs are based on the number of Bedrooms, these can vary depending on the size of the property
  and if there are any additional rooms, ie. sun room, games room.

  If required, a Welcome Pack and Information Pack can be left in the kitchen and items placed into the refrigerator where   applicable.

  First impressions count so a villa that looks stunning on the inside as well as the outside is the key to making guests feel at home.
  At NCPM our housekeeping staff know this only too well and are experts in making your property look absolutely fabulous.


  The list of services we provide is long and comprehensive and includes the following:
  spot  Arrival clean either with or without window cleaning - normally carried out the day before you or your guests arrive
  spot  Mid Stay clean - carried out on the day specified by the owner
  spot  Departure Clean - normally carried out on the next working day after you or your guests depart
  spot  Changeover clean - usually done when the property is occupied continuously with the guests changing on a regular basis
  spot  Window/Flyscreen Cleaning
  spot  Change of Sheets and/or Towels
  spot  Spring Clean
  spot  Arrival without a clean


Activity Arrival Clean Departure Clean Mid Stay Clean Changeover Clean
Open and air the property           tick           tick           tick
Switch on electricity,
ensure water heaters,
air conditioning and
fridges are working
Sweep and wash all floors           tick           tick           tick           tick
Vacuum upholstery and rugs           tick           tick           tick           tick
Dust and polish all surfaces           tick           tick           tick           tick
Thoroughly clean the kitchen,
including all appliances
          tick           tick           tick
Clean and disinfect all bathrooms           tick           tick           tick           tick
Clean the interior
exterior of cupboards and drawers
          tick           tick
Sweep and wash terraces           tick           tick
Arrange Terrace Furniture           tick           tick
Clean Terrace Furniture           tick           tick           tick
Supply soaps, toilet paper,
and waste bin liners
          tick           tick           tick           tick
Property checked by NCPM Inspector           tick           tick           tick
Collection and removal of soiled
          tick           tick
Disposal of rubbish and perishable foods           tick           tick           tick
Wash terrace furniture and store
inside property
Disconnect gas and turn off electricity
(unless otherwise instructed)
Leave cupboards, drawers and internal
doors open
Close all shutters and windows and
secure the property

  Additional Cleaning Services.

  Arrival Without Clean.

  An arrival without a clean is usually done on or around the day before you arrive and allows us to prepare your home for your   arrival.
  An Arrival Without Clean ususally includes the following services:
  spot  Open and air the property to remove stagnat smells
  spot  Switch on and ensure that water heaters, air conditioning and fridges are operating properly
  spot  Prepare beds/linen and deliver fresh towels, as requested
  spot  Arrange Terrace Furniture
  spot  Supply toilet paper, and waste bin liners

  Spring Clean
  As the name suggests, this is the most thorough cleaning service offered by our housekeeping.
  Details of what is actually included are too lengthy to list, but you can take it for granted that no part of your villa or apartment   will remain untouched.
  Our maids will clean every corner of your property from top to bottom, ensuring that it has a thorough Spring Clean.

  Cleaning After Renovation/Building Works
  As NCPM also carry out refurbishments at villas and apartments we manage, it makes sense to have a full and thorough clean   afterwards.
  NCPM Housekeeping can arrange to have your property deep cleaned and restored to how you want it once building works have   been completed.

  Extra Cleaning
  The services listed above are the most frequently requested by our owners.
  However, our housekeeping service is extremely flexible, and should you require additional cleaning, then this can be easily   arranged.

  Please email us if you need more information.